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Scentwork Weekend

Brad LaBroad

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Some small-potatoes brags from the weekend. Dundee and Elroy managed to get into four level one element specialties this weekend, containers and vehicles at Camp Yamhill on Saturday and then Exteriors and Interiors in Stevenson WA at Skamania Fairgrounds.

On Saturday Elroy came away with the first title of the weekend with an L1 Vehicles. (We bombed containers though). Dundee earned "legs" in both containers and vehicles by getting 3/4 of the hides.

elroy l1v.jpeg

On Sunday Dundee went to town and earned titles in both Interiors AND Exteriors. Elroy, uh, did not. 

dundee l1e.jpg

As always it's a simple pleasure hanging with the dogs and watching their excitement when they get to do their thing. 

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