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By Posting You Agree

Rules for participation in the online community are simple: no advertising, and no drama. By posting you agree to honor these rules in both letter in spirit. Participation and posting include commenting on content, posting reviews, and use of the on-site messaging system to contact community or club members.

No Advertising

The Club retains for itself the exclusive right to sponsor fund-raising activities and offer advertising opportunities to benefit the Club, its members and club projects, and our parent club the Cairn Terrier Club of America. No other advertising or fund-raising is permitted.

With those exceptions, postings, comments, or reviews that can in any way be viewed as benefiting the poster or anyone they know will be considered advertising or SEO spam and deleted.

Spam from unknown sources will result in immediate deletion and banning without warning, explanation, or recourse. Accidental or unintentional postings by frequent participants or club members that fall into the advertising category will simply be deleted without prejudice.

No Placements

Direct posting of surrenders and rescues is not permitted. If you are in the regrettable position of having to place a dog you own or know of, please contact the Rescue Coordinator listed on our club page

Club members may list available dogs on their kennel or member page.

As the CRCTC exists to protect and promote the welfare of the Cairn Terrier, breeding and placement-related postings by non-club members are subject to immediate deletion without notice or explanation. We have no intention of hosting a public resource for the benefit of pet stores, commercial breeders, or unaffiliated breeders.

No Drama

All participants should treat this public resource as "family friendly." Politeness and civility is required.

Be advised that in the event of arguments/counter-arguments and accusations/counter-accusations, it is likely that all sides will have posting privileges suspended. The merits of any specific situation will be subordinate to the requirement that this public resource remain a friendly, informative, welcoming place. In other words, it doesn't matter if you're right, or someone else is wrong.

No drama will be tolerated, and volunteer moderators have discretion to determine what constitutes "drama" and moderate accordingly. If a post is perceived as aggressive, insulting, intimidating, sarcastic, challenging, petulant, or displaying a significantly negative aspect, it will probably be considered drama.

Club Members

Members of the club are further subject to the code of ethics, constitution, and bylaws of the club. Any behavior or postings that would give a newcomer to the breed or sport an unfavorable impression of the Club will be subject to moderation and, potentially, disciplinary procedures as outlined in CRCTC bylaws.

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