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The barnhunt practice scheduled for June 15 has been cancelled. 

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    Serving the greater Portland-Vancouver area of Oregon and Washington, the Columbia River Cairn Terrier Club was formed in 2004 as an affiliated club of the Cairn Terrier Club of America. In 2008 the CRCTC was recognized and licensed by the  AKC . 

    Our members are busy and so are our dogs! From conformation shows to companion events, from competition obedience to activities designed for pure fun, the members and friends of the Columbia River Cairn Terrier club are  active and welcoming. We invite you to share your life with Cairn Terriers as a part of our Cairn community. 

    Sign up for our mailing list. Attend our events. Enjoy our photos. Read our articles. Like us on Facebook. Join the club and become a member

    Whatever you do, please join us in celebrating the Cairn Terrier as an important part of our lives.


    • 08 May 2019 02:00 AM
      Come join us!! 
      Market of Choice 
      5639 Hood St
      West Linn, OR 97068
      7:00 PM
      The meeting room is upstairs above the food service area.
      Arrive early to allow yourself time to eat before the meeting. Market of Choice has a variety of grab-and-go packaged dinners, deli items, weigh-and-pay hot food and salads, and made-to-order grill and kitchen items to choose from, in addition to the usual grocery store inventory.
      In an effort to make it easier for our members to listen to club meetings, we have decided to start a conference call for each meeting.  Someone at the meeting will dial in and place a phone set on speakerphone in the middle of the table.  Members unable to attend may dial the conference number and be connected to the call.  Please don't just call someone else at the meeting, as the people on multiple phones won't be able to hear each other that way.
      Dial-in and disconnect times and phone numbers are recorded by the conference call provider and will be provided to the secretary to make preparation of the minutes easier
      Please call in on time - it is disruptive to have calls come in during the meeting.  We'll try to start the call 5 minutes or so early.
      Expect to be prompted to identify yourself when you dial in so we know who is there.
      Understand that you are not technically attending the meeting - the AKC does not recognize telephone presence in meetings of regional clubs, so you don't count towards the Quorum of the meeting, and you are not able to vote. Physical presence at the meeting is always preferable.
      The dial-in number is (515) 604-9900 - this may be toll from your phone, it is your responsibility to check or call from a phone with unlimited long distance.  The conference access code is 803639.
      These calls will be set up for all meetings, regular and board, for a trial period - if they work well, they will continue indefinitely.
    • 18 May 2019
      2 in one day! Tune in for more information  
      Entry Fees:                          Pre Entry          Day of Entry
      Intro                                     $10                   $12
      Junior, Senior, Master          $16                    $20
      Senior/Master on same day  $20                  $25              
      AM Test closes 7:00am
      PM Test Closes 11:am
      Pre-entry discounts apply only to entries received by the test secretary before 6:00 pm on Monday, May 13, 2019.
      Judges:  Val Perry, Marie Quarles, Laurits (Dix) Dixon, Wally Quinn
      See attached entry form & premium list for more detail.  
      2019 5-18 EARTHDOG ENTRY FORM.pdf
      2019 5-18 EARTHDOG premium.pdf
    • 19 May 2019
      2 Certifications in 1 day!!  
      Entry Fee:  $25 Pre Entry      $30 Day of Entry closes at 7:00 am for morning, 11:00 for afternoon
      Pre-Entries close May 15, 2019
      Judges:  Val Perry - Morning
                     Ilene Kaplan - Afternoon
      See attached entry form and premium list for more details  
      2019-5-19 FARMDOG PREMIUM.pdf
      2019-5-19 FARMDOG ENTRY.pdf
    • 15 June 2019 04:30 PM Until 08:30 PM
      Would you like to learn to or improve your Cairn Terrier Grooming skills?
      Whether for the show ring or keep your Cairn more tidy, this seminar is for you!  Some of our clubs most experienced Cairn Groomers will be sharing their experience, tips and grooming techniques for Cairns. 
      We will have an informative day with presentations in the morning a break for light lunch and individual hands-on help working with your own Cairn after lunch. 
      Location:  Evelyn Schiffler Park - 5495 SW Erickson, Beaverton, OR 97005
      Register by June 10th
      Cost:  $35 per attendee (includes lunch)  
      Bring your dog, crate, chair, grooming tools and grooming table or let us know what you need.  
      Make your reservations now on line at: 
      or if you prefer paper and snail-mail fill out the registration form and return it:
      Grooming Seminar 2019.pdf Questions? Debbie Blanchard (dablanchard@comcast.net 503-970-8446).
    • 19 July 2019
      Join us for our annual specialty show. Details available on our specialty page which is updated regularly as information develops. 
    • 20 July 2019
      Celebrate specialty weekend at the specialty banquet. Details when available will be posted on our specialty page. 

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