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  2. A new study has found some of the clearest evidence yet that animals can judge time. By examining the brain's medial entorhinal cortex, the researchers discovered a previously unknown set of neurons that turn on like a clock when an animal is waiting. View the full article
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  4. New research has revealed the life expectancy of chocolate Labradors is significantly lower than their black and yellow counterparts. View the full article
  5. admin


    Celebrate specialty weekend at the specialty banquet. Details when available will be posted on our specialty page. www.crctc.org/specialty
  6. admin

    Specialty Show

    Join us for our annual specialty show. Details available on our specialty page which is updated regularly as information develops. www.crctc.org/specialty
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  8. Since the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park in 1995, the park's ecosystem has become a deeply complex and heterogeneous system, aided by a strategy of minimal human intervention. The new study is a synthesis of 40 years of research on large mammals in Yellowstone National Park. View the full article
  9. admin

    Responsible Use of DNA Testing

    AKC Canine Health Foundation Partners with IPFD in their Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs Initiative to Support Responsible Use of DNA Testing for Dog Health and Breeding View the full article
  10. Experimental results suggest that dogs have at least a rudimentary neural representation of meaning for words they have been taught, differentiating words they have heard before from those they have not. View the full article
  11. Brad LaBroad

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  12. A study has found that canine parvovirus (CPV), a highly contagious and deadly disease that tragically kills puppies, is more prevalent than previously thought with 20,000 cases found in Australia each year, and nearly half of these cases result in death. View the full article
  13. Ilene Kaplan

    2019 Specialty Theme

    After careful consideration of a lot of wonderful possibilities, we have finally selected a new and creative specialty theme for 2019! CAIRNS IN WONDERLAND will be the theme, and our artistic ring director, Betsy Peets, already has some fun ideas about how to decorate our specialty ring next July. Down through holes, through the looking glass, tea parties, cairns and bunnies galore — we will have fun with this one! So start thinking about your costumes, and any ideas for decorations should be sent on to Betsy. We are trying to be original and artistic. Thanks to Betsy, we have a great reputation for a beautiful ring, and it looks like 2019 will continue the tradition!
  14. Brad LaBroad

    Check Presentation — Pongo Fund


    Oops, the correct date is the 28th (Sunday). Fixed. So far Peggy and Fran will be going.
  15. Betsy Peets

    Barn Hunt Practice

    Columbia River Cairn Terrier club is hosting a Barn Hunt Practice NOV 3 (Sat). All Breeds Welcome! 19517 NE 163rd Ave Battle Ground, WA 98604 $10 per run, $15 two runs, same dog There will be two tunnels, beginner and advanced. 9:30-10 Meet the Rat Intro $5 Open to all breeds Come when you can but we suggest: 10-11:15 Instinct 11:30-12:30 Novice 1-2:30 Open 2:30 to 4 Senior (Master can use senior setup) Questions: Ilene Kaplan kaplani@union.edu Vicki Havlik: kinlochcairns@gmail.com
  16. Betsy Peets

    Check Presentation — Pongo Fund


    It would be nice but I cannot go.
  17. Brad LaBroad

    Check Presentation — Pongo Fund


    Sorry, I forgot to enable RSVP for the event. Added it.
  18. Brad LaBroad

    Check Presentation — Pongo Fund

    Check presentation to Pongo Fund (c/o Larry Chusid) at their warehouse during their October volunteer bag-filling event. 3632 SE 20th Ave Portland, OR, United States I am working and cannot make it. If no club members at the club meeting October 9 volunteer to represent the club and make the presentation I will notify Larry Wednesday, October 10th that no members will be attending — the check I mailed will have to do
  19. DNA testing of more than 6,000 dogs has revealed that a duplication on canine chromosome 18 is strongly associated with blue eyes in Siberian Huskies. View the full article
  20. A study analyzed environmental exposures, like pet and secondhand smoke, to determine if they have a role in asthma control among children whose asthma is managed per NAEPP (EPR-3) guidelines. Researchers found that once asthma guidelines are followed, environmental exposures to pets or secondhand smoke were not significant factors in overall asthma improvement over time. View the full article
  21. Hallie Gould

    2019 Cairn Calendars

    Calling All Cairn Lovers! The holidays are almost upon us and time to think about calendars for the New Year. This also means it’s time to submit your favorite photos of your Cairn buddies for the 2019 CRCTC calendar fundraising event. Submit them to Hallie Gould, (horsiehal@yahoo.com) no later than October 31. No reminders will be sent so please note this date on your calendar and get them in as soon as possible. You will be notified if your photo is selected for the calendar by the committee. Your photos should be as high resolution as possible, with minimum pixel dimensions of 1200 x 1050. To be considered for the calendar, all photos must be submitted with names of the dogs in the picture, the owners names, and the owner's city and state. If the photo is from a photographer, send the name of the photography business and proof of permission to use the photo in our calendar. Don’t miss this great opportunity to support your club by purchasing this beautiful calendar with photos of dogs you actually know! So please let Hallie know if you would like to order a calendar and how many. They make great gifts, too! The cost per calendar is $20 if you pick up or $25 if shipped to you, $35 if shipped to Canada. Order Now Please call (360-953-9635) or email Hallie if you have questions.
  22. PREORDER — Your prepaid pre-order reserves your copy of our precious Cairn calendar, currently being designed.

    A successful run of pre-orders will ensure calendars are available for shipment in time for the new year. Order yours now! Shipping added at checkout or select the free local pickup option.


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