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  4. Betsy Peets

    River Rat Barn Hunt

    See River Rat website for more infomation www.riverratbarnhunt.com or the Barn Hunt Association http://www.barnhunt.com/
  5. Coinciding with the Pit Grave culture (4200-3600 years before our era), coming from Southern Europe, the Neolithic communities of the north-eastern Iberian Peninsula started a ceremonial activity related to the sacrifice and burial of dogs. The high amount of cases that are recorded in Catalonia suggests it was a general practice and it proves the tight relationship between humans and these animals, which, apart from being buried next to them, were fed a similar diet to humans'. View the full article
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  7. Cancer genes in mucosal melanoma, a rare and poorly understood subtype of melanoma, have been compared in humans, dogs and horses for the first time. Researchers sequenced the genomes of the same cancer across different species to pinpoint key cancer genes. The results give insights into how cancer evolves across the tree of life and could guide the development of new therapies. View the full article
  8. The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation (CHF) announces that Nestlé Purina PetCare has donated $473,829.39 to support canine health. The gift was presented to CHF Board Chairman Dr. J. Charles Garvin and CEO Dr. Diane Brown at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Monday, February 11, 2019. View the full article
  9. until
    see attached Premium list. PSEC-4-2019 Prem.pdf
  10. Betsy Peets

    CANCELED: CRCTC General meeting

    Thank you, Peggy!!
  11. Betsy Peets

    Performance Events in Ridgefield, WA

    Saturday, May 11 and Sunday, May 12 at the Clark County Event Center in Ridgefield, WA The following events have been confirmed and applications done: Agility - Lori Sage Scent Work - Judi James Stacked Rally and Obedience Trials Barn Hunt Clinics Trick Dog Urban CGC 4-6 Month Puppy - one each day Open Shows - two each day B Match - one each day Events for which we are waiting to confirm space with the Event Center: Farm Dog Certification Dock Diving Lure Coursing. Updog and Flyball. More information will be shared as discovered.
  12. Betsy Peets

    Clackamas KC All Breed Show - Canby, OR

    Great 2 day all Breed show, detail to follow
  13. Betsy Peets

    Linn County Covered Bridge Albany, OR

    4 day all breed show including an Itty Bitty Plush Dog show for children 5 years old and younger on Friday and other great things. Premium attached. 2019 ALBANY LINN CO KC FEB 21-24.pdf
  14. Betsy Peets

    Chimtimini Kennel Club - Albany, OR

    Obedience & Rally on Friday All Breed Saturday & Sunday Premium list attached. 2019 Chimtimini KC MAR 30-31.pdf
  15. Larger dogs have better short-term memory and self-control than smaller breeds, according to new research. View the full article
  16. Betsy Peets

    Farm Dog Certification

    2 in one day! Tune in later for more details.
  17. Betsy Peets

    Earthdog Tests

    2 in one day! Tune in for more information
  18. Betsy Peets

    Membership Has Its Privileges

    Awesome, thank you Brad!!
  19. Brad LaBroad

    Membership Has Its Privileges

    This article — with its plagiarized slogan from American Express — is to encourage CRCTC club members to log in and make use of their online "clubhouse" by highlighting a few site elements and features that are specifically for members of the Columbia River Cairn Terrier Club. Why Log In? The short version is that the site has a lot of content that is only visible to logged-in members, and the site has many interactive and communication features that only logged-in members can access. Club members have special permissions that allow them to read, create and edit content on many information resources such as: a member directory, club inventory, volunteer list, and more. Sign in now to see them. Read on for an overview. Front Page Feeds Our front page serves as the front gate or street view of our site. The front page includes the typical menu bar with access to nearly all elements of the site, and also includes direct links to many frequently used areas. In addition to a public welcome message and shortcuts, the front page brings forward selected elements of the deeper site to allow members a quick "catch-up" view of activity. Many of these elements are filtered into public and members-only views. In order to provide an overview of recent activity, the front page includes feeds from certain areas of the site where content is routinely added over time. "Feeds" are streams or lists of the most recent content from a source. Our front page includes feeds from the public and member calendar, the discussion forum, meeting minutes, and articles. Calendar Guests see a list of upcoming public calendar events. Members see the same feed with added members-only events, if any. Discussion Forum Members see an additional feed of most recently active discussion forum topics. Minutes Members see an additional feed of the most recent club and board meeting minutes. Articles Guests see the most recent public articles. Members see the same feed with added articles that are for members only. Navigation Shortcuts Shortcuts are provided for quick access to selected, frequently used parts of the site. Shortcuts are a subset of site content — the main navigation menu bar is the most comprehensive navigation resource. Popular Links Guests see a "popular links" list of items frequently sought by nonmembers. Members see an additional list of direct links to frequently used items. Activity Members can view a list of members who have been active on the site in the last 24 hours. The All activity button provides a timeline view of recent activity. Resources Menu Members see an additional main navigation menu "Resources" that includes the following: Advertising - a link to advertising options for members. Calendar - a link to the Calendar. Chatroom Meeting - a link to an old-school real-time chat page. Club Discussions - a link to the discussion forums. Special Interest Groups - a link to the "groups" area for special purpose subsites such as the show calendar. Directory - link to the club directory. Members can update entries in the directory. Dues Renewal - link to the dues renewal items in the store. Expenses - a submenu linking to expense forms and the online expense reimbursement form. Files & Downloads - a submenu linking to the files download section, including links to any event flyers that have been uploaded; a sample event release form; media assets and graphics for reuse; membership related forms; an archive of old newsletters; and an unclassified archive of various documents worth keeping for historical or other purposes. History & Planning - a submenu with links to records of past or future events, dates, and organizers; record of past and future judges for various events; records describing trophies we offer; records of past winners of trophies. Inventory - a link to an inventory of club-owned items. Just a few of the inventory items Minutes - a link to club and board meeting minutes from recent months and years. Policies & Procedures - a database of various policies, procedures and job aids, organized into categories. Store Account - a link to a directory page that includes links to information about your store account including notes about paying by check; your Account Credit if any; your Billing and Shipping address (where we should send stuff you order); Manage Purchases (for certain items only - we mostly don't use this); View Orders where you can see past and current orders. Volunteers - a self-service list of people who have volunteered for various areas of club activity. Additional Member Permissions Calendars - Guests cannot RSVP to events or create them, but Members can both create events and RSVP (when RSVP has been enabled by the event creator). Articles - Guests can read public articles; Members can read and write both public and members-only Articles. Photos - Guests can view public albums; Members can upload to club albums and create their own albums. Kennels & Members - Guests can view members' pages; Members can create and maintain their own web page. Sticky Notes - members can send each other "sticky notes" that display on another member's screen when they next visit the site. Store - Guests can see a limited subset of store categories and items while Members see additional categories such as trophy sponsorship, dues renewal, and items limited to club members. Forums - Guests cannot view or access forums at all while Members can read and comment on existing topics and create new topics in discussion forums. In addition, members can provide feedback to the board through a special feedback forum. Your comments are visible only to you and the board; other members cannot see your feedback posts. Clubs are Community The CRCTC club site includes a lot of reference information that you may find useful from time to time. Beyond reference material your club site has robust communication features that can help overcome barriers to community that distance and time can create. Even when you cannot attend meetings or travel to events you can still participate in your club community and contribute to its health and vitality. Log in today to begin.
  20. Researchers have identified two novel anxiety-related genomic regions in German Shepherd dogs. The region associated with fearfulness corresponds with the locus of human chromosome 18, which is associated with various psychiatric disorders, while the region associated with noise sensitivity includes several genes related to human and canine behavior and mental disorders. View the full article
  21. Betsy Peets

    January 8, 2019 Brags

    Betsy Bragged that Mario got Winners dog for a 4 point major at Greater Clark County Dog Show Saturday, December 8, 2018 Pub CH KIOWA LOAD OF MISCHIEF OF ADDERBURY RATN SIN SCN SBN at the Dec GCKC Scent Work Trial qualified in SEN and has the title SWN. Hallie and Roland bragged that Hallie's daughter, Julie and her partner, Tyler, are expecting a baby right after the Specialty in July. The prospective Grandparents are thrilled and planning the grandchild's career in dog training already. Vicki Havlik bragged that she thinks she has Monty contained in her back yard and side kennel now. Cindi bragged for Jill Arnel that she has a new grandson born Jan 4, 2019 Ilene Bragged that Pi got a 4 point major at Greater Clark County Dec, 9 show
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