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  2. Volunteers

    Hallie, there were 12 dogs that participated last year. So maybe 18? bags is good. Better to have too many than not enough.
  3. Volunteers

    Betsy posted the entries/results from last year here, for one historical reference:
  4. Volunteers

    Thanks for the info. How many bags should I make up? Can anyone remember how many dogs usually enter?
  5. Volunteers

    10 pieces per bag. I'm thinking of having something smaller as there are a lot of dogs that would not get into the pool. Of course "PP" wants the pool!!
  6. Cairns in Wonderland/down the rabbit/rat hole we go
  7. Volunteers

    Sure, Tire would be good. Anything else that you need to earn those titles. I can't remember what happened to the hot dogs in the crock pot last year but yes, we could try it again. I think something larger than a dish pan but yes, it would work. Do you remember how many dog chunks to a bag? Hallie needs to know. @Hallie Gouldcheck with Bobbie on the recipe.
  8. Volunteers

    Looks like the bobbing switched from pan to pool around 2015... 2016 2015 2014
  9. Volunteers

    Betsy - do you need a 'tire'. I have the small pvc one I can bring. If we can't get a BBQ can we do the crock pot way we have done in the past? I'll have a smaller sized pool but I think it is still too big for the game. Maybe a dish pan. Not sure what we have used in the past. Bobbie has usually made the 'poo'. ** I am hoping those that voted to have the picnic at McIver will join in and help out.
  10. Volunteers

    Remember everyone, if not enough people stand up for the afternoon activities (food, games) they will not happen!
  11. Volunteers

    Yes, we have the rat tubes. Yes, we have the pooper scooper gear, but I have to check to see the status of the "poop". Much of it deteriorated over the years and I tried to make more, but no one could give me an exact recipe. I was told to try "any flour and salt recipe", but the poop I made crumbled too easily. If you give me a tried and true recipe, I will make more! I really appreciate Mario's offer to make some for us, but I think I'll take a Cairn check on that!
  12. The Diamond in the Ruff prize ($75) is available for sponsorship for our supported entry in January and the 2019 July specialty. Please reply here if you are interested in sponsoring this prize.
  13. Some previous suggestions to consider: Cairnalot (Brad L); Cairnterbury Tails (Ilene K); Roll'n on the River (Susan M); Dog Days of Summer (Vicky M); Salmon' chanted Evening (Brad L); Cairnlandia (Brad L). Other suggestions? Betsy Peets has agreed to do ring decorations for 2019 and will be consulted for the final selection!
  14. TAO has given us 3 days, starting today, for PL information. If you are interested in sponsoring a prize please let me know-- there will be prizes for at least BOB, BOW, and BOS. TAO and CRCTC will provide rosettes-- if TAO changes their rosette contribution I will let you know but please tell me what prize and what class you would like to sponsor in time to inform TAO. They have also informed me that there will be only one draft revision allowed. Thanks.
  15. thx Brad-- and I will check out the archive tab.
  16. Last week
  17. The Archive tab (https://www.crctc.org/forums/forum/88-archive/) of this working group has the topics from previous years, which may include theme ideas. Indeed I will be moving the topics from this year's 2018 specialty into the Archive forum, leaving this forum for current planning.
  18. It's never too early to start planning for our next specialty! Please suggest themes for 2019! Brad, are theme suggestions from previous years saved in our website archives? Also, can the 2018 topics etc be placed in a separate link and let's have a fresh 2019 group.. thanks!
  19. 2017

    Here are the game results and the sign in sheet for 2017 Cairntastic Day and Toto Trot 2017 sign in and game results.pdf
  20. Volunteers

    OMG, sorry. I saw the @ signs and thought it was part of my message and didn't read the entire line...
  21. Volunteers

    No, per my reply above.
  22. Volunteers

    @Brad LaBroad do you have the rat tubes?
  23. Volunteers

    @Hallie Gould & @Roland Smith have the tubes (if inventory → Rat Tubes is accurate) I am capable of milling around a ring for CGC evals so would be happy to help with that.
  24. CRCTC Club Meeting

    Market of Choice 5639 Hood St West Linn, OR 97068 7:00 PM The meeting room is upstairs above the food service area. Arrive early to allow yourself time to eat before the meeting. Market of Choice has a variety of grab-and-go packaged dinners, deli items, weigh-and-pay hot food and salads, and made-to-order grill and kitchen items to choose from, in addition to the usual grocery store inventory.
  25. Volunteers

    As I mentioned at the club meeting I need to leave at noon, my apologies but family must come first. I need the following positions filled: For CGC/Tricks evluations A Crowd, this is 2-3 people to wander about in the ring when called upon. Brief commitment during each test and it can be different people each time. @Vicki Havlik has said she will do the registration, One more registrar to answer questions and give guidance will be helpful. You will have cheat sheets, no experience needed. @Hallie Gouldis bringing the "circus box" Food If we do hot dogs we will need a portable BBQ and a chef to man/woman it. I need someone to coordinate the pot luck please. The Hospitality boxes are still at the Quarles at the time of this writing There are 2 cases of water at the Quarles also, left over from ED and FDC Games Hot dog diving contest, Hallie will be organize I''m hoping @Vicki Havlik is bringing a pool Hallie will cut up hot dogs and bag them Betsy needs to get # of doggie bits per bag Poo Scooping contest I believe @Hallie Gould said she had the "Gear", we still need someone to organize and manufacture the "poo". Mario did offer but I told him NO. Find the Rat @Tom Quarles @Marie Quarles Would you be will be willing to man this game? @Brad LaBroadTom thoughht you had the Rat Tubes, can you either bring them or let me know and I can pick them up and take them to the event Muffin Tin Game. I will bring the game and the treats I need someone to head this up Trick Contest Need judge(s) Best Kisser Contest Need judges & Timer Please let me know if you want to do anything, I'd like to get this wrapped up by next weekend. Thank you All!!
  26. Toto Trot Notes - 2018

    I suppose it's possible. Personally I feel a bit awkward asking (that's a personal problem I know) and would rather have a club delegation deliver it. I have not yet communicated with them as I am waiting for final result information.
  27. Toto Trot Notes - 2018

    Can Pongo come to our next meeting for a little presentation?
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