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  2. The Cairn Terrier in One Minute

    AKC's newly launched AKC.TV includes a super-brief overview of the Cairn Terrier.
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  4. Kensie

    4/11/18 Back in March I got a call from a family in Vancouver, WA that had Kensie, a 6 year old spayed female. Kensie was great with her family. She was best pals with her 4 year old Yorkie sister until the family brought in a Great Dane pup. Then it became evident that Kensie wanted to be an only dog. Kensie now lives in Monmouth, OR with Rosie. They are BFFs.
  5. Toto Trot


    That's because I accidentally linked to the source file (Mac .pages format) so most likely you were only able to download the placeholder image file. I fixed the link so the PDF downloads now.
  6. Toto Trot


    I finally got it open, I had to "save as" first but it is only tiny.
  7. Toto Trot


    It might be good to put the name of the park, not everyone will want to download the flyer. Speaking of the flyer I cannot open it.
  8. Farmdog Certification Test

    Tests AM Judge - Dix Dixon PM Judge - Tom Quarles Limit 20 dogs per test Fee: $20 pre entry; $25 day-of (if any spots remain) Start times AM test - 7:30 PM test - 11:30 Contacts Test secretary - Vicki Havlik Test chair - Ilene Kaplan
  9. Club Meeting - West Linn

    Market of Choice 5639 Hood St West Linn, OR 97068 7:00 PM The meeting room is upstairs above the food service area. Arrive early to allow yourself time to eat before the meeting. Market of Choice has a variety of grab-and-go packaged dinners, deli items, weigh-and-pay hot food and salads, and made-to-order grill and kitchen items to choose from, in addition to the usual grocery store inventory.
  10. Earthdog Test - Beavercreek

    Thank you, Peggy🐾🐾🇫🇷
  11. Earthdog Test - Beavercreek

    Details including premium list to follow. Premium List Entry Form
  12. Eye Clinic A Success

    The club had a good turnout at its eye clinic on March 10. Thirty-seven dogs received CAER eye exams from Dr. Paul Scherlie DVM, DAVCO. In addition to one Ridgeback and one Scottish Terrier, there were 35 Cairn Terriers who also received screening for ocular melanosis. We are grateful to Dr. Scherlie for supporting our clinic by examining our dogs on-site and at a discount.
  13. April Brags

    Brags from the April club meeting: Bobbie bragged that Bonefy’s Northern Lights earned her first point on Sunday at the Chintimini show; and that GCH Bonefy’s Joyful Noise went BOS both days and got a group 3 in the NOHS group. Hallie bragged that Kiowa’s Life Is What You Make It (Eleanor) had her first AKC agility trial on Hallie’s 65th birthday. After she removed her leash, she got ready and looked down to get her started and realized that Eleanor had started her run without her. She did some jumps and tunnels with great speed and enthusiasm, but Hallie was impressed that apparently Eleanor can design her own agility courses and does not seem to need a handler! Betsy bragged that Mario has blended into our pack well, Oz promised he would not kill him and would try to play fair. Ilene bragged that Kalil Cool Cooper the Courageous was BOW twice in Syracuse New Your this past weekend. He looked gorgeous and is a Casey great grandson!
  14. Theme Wear

    My home computer is down, hopefully it is ok.
  15. Barnhunt Longview

    River Rat Barnhunt, Cowlitz County Conference Center. Premium List
  16. Toto Trot 2018

    Version 1.0.3


    Flyer for 2018 Toto Trot. Includes PDF and Pages source file.
  17. Test

    This is just a test.
  18. Prize Sponsorship

    When you tap or click on the prize icon, it says what the prize is.
  19. Barnhunt Workshop & Practice

    Details to follow.
  20. Toto Trot


    Good to know!
  21. Toto Trot

    A walk for Cairns and community at Commonwealth Lake Park. Please see https://www.crctc.org/tototrot for details. Feel free to download and share the flyer at your neighborhood vet, pet supply, or other place where regional Cairn owners may see it. Note: Commonwealth Lake Park does not have a numbered street address; therefore the map lists a street address for a local home across from the park entrance. The residents have no connection to this event other than living across the street
  22. Garage Sale

    Contacts: Roland Smith and Bobbie Fykerud. Club members, please check the related member news article for setup information.
  23. Conformation Workshop & Puppy Party

    Details to follow.
  24. Prize Sponsorship

  25. Prize Sponsorship

    The software does its thing and generates notifications the moment the payment transaction completes. There is however sometimes a delay in notifications which comes from queueing at the email service provider which handles our email. We are on a free plan so we share server resources.
  26. Prize Sponsorship

    Do I receive a notification as soon as someone pays, or is there a processing or lag time?
  27. Prize Sponsorship

    Yes, $20.@ for vetd and vetb, $10 @stud and broodb
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