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  4. Rose City Cluster


    Via @PGould (Pati Gould) Contact Pati if you can help.
  5. Meet the Breeds

    CRCTC has been assigned the time of 12:00 on Friday January 19th for the Meet the Breeds booth. The cairn ring time on Friday is 9:00 am. Bobbie asks that members able to help with the booth meet at booth #6 a bit before noon on Friday.
  6. Meet the Breeds Booth - Rose City Show

    CRCTC will be hosting a Meet the Breeds Booth at the Rose City Show on Friday January 19 starting at noon. CRCTC has been assigned booth #6.
  7. Rose City Cluster


    Ring locations and start times are: Thursday - ring 5 at 9:00 am Friday - ring 3 at 9:00 am Saturday - ring 3 at 2:00 pm Sunday - ring 5 at 9:00 am
  8. CRCTC (TAO) Sweeps & Supported Entry

    Sweepstakes judging will be in ring 3 at 1:00 pm Regular class judging will follow in ring 3 at 1:15 pm
  9. Rosemary Wilson

    It is with great sadness I report the passing of long time Cairn breeder, owner, and handler, Rosemary Wilson. Rosemary passed away Saturday, January 6, 2018, after a courageous battle against cancer. She is survived by her husband, of many years, Jerry. Jerry and Rosemary were 2 of our early club members. These Canadian friends often visited during the Rose City Classic when traveling to Arizona seeking warmer weather. A stop at the Albany shows was often on their agenda during their return to Vancouver Island. Rosemary was often the "life of the party" at the Canadian shows and a hard worker in the British Columbia Cairn Terrier Club. I'm sure she will be missed. There will be a memorial for Rosemary sometime in the spring. Details will be provided when they are available. In the meantime, if you'd like to send a card to Jerry, his address is: Jerry Wilson 1480 White Pine Terrace Victoria, British Columbia V9B 6J3 Remember … Canadian postage will differ from the U.S. forever stamp
  10. Club Meeting

    February Club Meeting
  11. January Brags

    Club members have been busy and so have their dogs. Here are the brags from the January meeting. Debbie bragged that Joywood’s Amazing Grace Qwintessential @ TuSchus got her first major by going WB at Ridgefield on 12/10/17. Bobbie bragged the GCH Bonefy’s Joyful Noise got a group 4 in the owner/handler group on Sunday at the GCCKC show. Marie bragged that Quail Creek’s Tugboat was BOB at Rogue Valley on Nov 18th, and BOB and group 4 in the owner handler class at Clark County on Dec 9th and BOB at the Clark County show on 12/10. Debbie D bragged that her upcoming pottery sale on Saturday 1/6 is likely to be a big hit. Barb bragged that Yumi (CH Joywood’s Dreaming On O’Qwentessential) went BOS and Select at the Vancouver show in Dec; and that CH Joywood’s Belinda’s Dream and GCH DeRan’s Chosen One had 5 boys and 1 girl in Nov. Fran bragged that in March, she and Sam will be traveling to Israel for an educational excursion for 12 days. Hallie bragged that Kiowa’s Life Is What You Make It, FDC JE CA RATO (aka Eleanor) will receive a bronze versatility award from the CTCA; we are very proud of this little dog who has overcome so much to do such amazing things. This is Eleanor’s first CTCA award and also Hallie’s first CTCA award for any cairn. Cindi is preparing to resume her role as Kinloch Cairns official puppy nanny as soon as Phoebe delivers – at any moment. Betty bragged that at the GCCKC performance weekend on 12/3/17 Kinloch’s Whitelighter CGC RATN TKN (aka Emerald) earned her Farm Dog title and her Advanced Trick Dog title.
  12. Ads in TAO Catalog

    It's 2018! TAO has sent out a late request for ads in their Wed Jan 17 catalog. Contact me (kaplani@union.edu) if you are interested!
  13. Mix-n-Match Flyer

  14. Redmond Dog Show

    Superintendent: BaRay. Mt Bachelor KC.
  15. Canby Dog Show

    Superintendent: Onofrio. Clackamas KC.
  16. Great Falls MT Dog Show

    Superintendent: Onofrio. Electric City KC.
  17. Billings MT Dog Show

    Superintendent: Onofrio. Yellowstone Valley KC.
  18. Blackfoot Idaho Dog Show

    Superintendent: Onofrio. Eagle Rock KC, Pocatello KC.
  19. Filer Idaho Dog Shows

    Superintendent: Onofrio. Snake River Canyon KC.
  20. Missoula Dog Show

    Superintendent: BaRay. Five Valley KC.
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