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  • Annual Specialty Show

    July 17, 2020

    Portland Expo Center 
    2060 N Marine Drive, Portland, OR 97217

    The Eyes Have It

    Our 2020 vision is to encourage you to join us in Portland for a great specialty that will be even better if we see you! Enjoy our beautiful city, our typically excellent summer weather, and our friendly natives.


  • Judges*

    Beth Sweigart, specialty & junior showmanship
    Nancy Delyea, sweepstakes

    *pending AKC approval

    Friday Evening

    July 17
    Ringside light fare at the Expo.

    Saturday Banquet

    July 18
    3 Sheets At the Harbor
    11505 NE Yacht Harbor Drive
    Portland  OR 97217

    Buffet includes salad, salmon, NY strip steak, veg pasta, grilled asparagus, mashed potatoes, coffee, tea, iced tea and cheese cake. 

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