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Dundee & Elroy AKC Scentwork

Brad LaBroad

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Brad LaBroad

Our second experience of AKC Scentwork trials.

It was a looooong weekend. Elroy and Brad attended Sat/Sun/Mon for a total of twelve runs; Dundee and Peggy attended Sun/Mon for eight runs. We had a great time with enough successes to keep us motivated, and enough failures to keep us learning.

Elroy came out with two element titles and promotion to Advanced in Interiors and Exteriors. His first experience of Advanced was a Q for Interiors (and third place) but NQ  for Exterior (insert excuses here :P). In Novice, although he failed containers 2/3 times, the one Q was good for first place in Novice A. We still have a ways to go to get out of Novice in Containers and Buried.

Dundee was on fire, only missing one hide (Buried) in 8 runs. He finished Element Titles in Container, Exteriors, and Interiors. He got placements in 6 of the 7 Qs. Pretty good for a 13 year old. He is so perky when he's doing scentwork it is a joy to see.

Elroy's weekend haul on the left, Dundee's on the right.


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