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  • Paying by Check

    Some products offer a payment option of sending a check instead of paying immediately online. Please note two special circumstances that apply to payments by check.

    1. Our inventory count is automatically updated after payment is received. Therefore it is possible that if inventory is limited items may be sold to buyers who pay immediately online by the time your check is received and processed by the treasurer. In these rare instances we will notify you the product went out of stock using the email address associated with your account.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience an out-of-stock condition may cause. 
    2. A shipping/delivery alert is not generated until after payment is received. This means that if you order an item for pickup at an event and plan to pay for the item at the event, we may not know to bring the item to the event because the item does not trigger a shipment/delivery notification until payment is received and processed by the treasurer. Prevent disappointment by ensuring your check is mailed and received in advance of the next club event.


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