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  • Teddy

    HI!!  My name is Teddy, I am an 8 month old Cairn Terrier.  I am a very energetic, inquisitive and tenacious little guy that loves to go on long walks and play at the dog park.  My foster Dad takes me there frequently and I love to play with the dogs, big and small. I am already crate and doggy door trained so you don't have to worry about any of that.  Currently I sleep on the bed with my foster Dad and my foster brothers and sisters who are Cocker Spaniels. It is important that my new family have a brother or sister to play with so I don't get lonely.

    My ideal family should be an active bunch that likes to have a lot of physical activity because, once again, I am a very energetic little guy and love to keep moving.  Before I came to live with my foster Dad I lived with a family with children.  It is probably best if the children in my forever home are 8 years and older.

    Update: Teddy has been adopted.



    Contact Name: Betsy Peets
    Contact Email: happismom@yahoo.com
    Age 8 months

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