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  • Lucy

    Update: Lucy has been successfully placed in a terrific home with an experienced Cairn owner.

    Aug 15, 2022 Received Email from owner: My husband Randy has a just-turned 13 year old female cairn terrier Lucy who needs a new home. We bought her from Vicki Havlik and provided a good home on a rural property.

    Randy is slowly dying of terminal cancer here at home and Lucy was fully his dog. She will not tolerate having me do anything with her, tries to bite if she does not want something done to her. We live on an off the gird rural property and I am struggling to take care of my dying husband at home with hospice. I do not see a future for me to be able to provide care for Lucy and she, as I said, wants nothing to do with me. She is clearly depressed about my husband who is bed ridden and thus can't provide all the interaction of the past. Please respond as soon as possible. Lucy has been very well cared for, is spayed but would need updated shots (I can provide that before rescue happens).


    Contact Name: Rescue Coordinator
    Contact Email: rescue@crctc.org
    Location: Portland, OR
    Age 13

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