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  • Betsy Peets
    Betsy Peets

    October 2020 Brags

    • Betsy Bragged that Mario loves white wine and will drink anything left unattended
    • Vicky M: Shaylee can still sneak out of the house without being noticed by Vicky’s son and get arrested by Washington Co Dog control
    • Vicky M: Trixie went WB 3 of the days at Enimclaw
    • Tom bragged that Bay had healthy litter of 5 on Sunday afternoon, 3 girls 2 boys. All 5 In less than an hour.
    • Vicki H: In early Sept.  KC blessed us with 3 girls and a boy, 7.1 ounce girl had to be pulled out.  She was told when she Dropped her off the rest wouldn’t survive.  But they did great
    • Cindi:  Finally Jimmy & Jasmin Toto Trot walk, twice around the lake.  Peggy joined them with Dundee and Elroy.  Cindi was very proud of herself and the dogs.  Cindi pushed the stroller but the dogs wanted to walk. Fran joined them with Cricket too.  She said they did 3 laps.  They now believe it was 3 times not just too.  Are they bragging?  Vicki H had Sunny and Pappy with her. 
    • Hallie:  Eleanor turned 6 a week ago last Sunday.  Retired from everything but doing very well.  Got a home cooked hamburger for her birthday
    • Hallie:  Benske’s first word is Dog on his birthday
    • Hallie:  Johnny taught Benske how to kiss



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