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  • Peggy Appel
    Peggy Appel

    October 2015 Brags

    Brags from the October meeting include: 

    Hallie bragged that Nucky (Kiowa’s Rhinestone Cowboy) was the lightning fast winner of the Barley Cup at this year’s race. We dare to say that we think he will be hanging on to the Cup for a while since he may be the fastest cairn since Barley herself. She also bragged that Malka (Brigadoon’s Queen Malka) won the hotdog eating contest using only 3 legs. She has just had surgery the week before but nothing gets between Malka and food! She also bragged that Eleanor (Kiowa’s Life is What You Make It) passed 2 legs of Novice Barn Hunt so fast that she won 1st place in both events. Her times were about 19 sec and 14 sec when dogs who came in 2nd place had times of 2 minutes or more.

    Cindi bragged that Naomi (Kinloch’s Come Back Kid) and Phoebe walked as a brace at the Toto Trot.

    Darlene bragged that she got a job which started in July and has already been promoted as of 9/21 to team lead.

    Debbie bragged that GCH Joywood’s Miss Brooke’s O’Quentessential at TuSchus went BOS at the CRCTC Specialty. She also bragged that she passed the 2nd of 3 Epic Healthcare Software tests with a 97%.


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