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  • Peggy Appel
    Peggy Appel

    October 2014 Brags

    Vicky bragged that AM/INT CH Kiowa Load of Mischief of Adderbury, NW1 (Pub) on Oct 5 qualified in the Stevenson WA Element Specialty Trail Containers earning the title Level 1 Containers (L1C).

    Hallie bragged that Brigadoon's Queen Malka received her Novice Trick Dog title this week. Although not recognized by the AKC, these titles are given by an organization that has over 500 certified trick trainers across the country. For the Novice title, Malka has to demonstrate 15 tricks. She is already moving towards her intermediate trick title by mastering the ability to ride a skateboard with her front feet.

    Susan bragged that CH Kiowa's Run for the Roses (Derby) and Kiowa's Image of Madison Avenue (Madison) produced 2 puppies – Franklin and Eleanor.

    Lynda bragged that Chief was the Best Veteran at the Specialty in July.

    Neil bragged that he and Bobbie celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary on Oct 2nd.

    Darlene bragged that at the OTEEC test in September, Izze passed Intro and also qualified n Junior earning her first JE leg. For those who think Grayson is locked in the closet – he is doing very well with tracking. He is doing serpentines with bait every 5 paces and we are beginning to introduce corners.

    Debbie bragged that much to her dismay, Brooke has become the Schuler resident garter snake killer.


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