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  • Peggy Appel
    Peggy Appel

    May 2022 Brags

    Cindi bragged: on May 3rd a birthday party was held for all the daughters of Mary and their owners at Kinloch Cairns: Jasmine (13), Cricket (13), Petal (13), and Padme (14).

    Hallie bragged: CH Kinloch’s Quarry Man at Lee Park FDC CGC, aka Johnny, was BOB on Saturday at the Silver Falls Kennel Club dog show.  This was his first BOB and Hallie’s first BOB on any dog!  Not only that, but to get this BOB, Johnny beat 2 other Specials that were being shown by professional handlers.  After this big win, Johnny went on to get a Terrier Group 3 placement.  And that CH Kinloch’s Quarry Man at Lee Park FDC CGC, aka Johnny, was SD on Sunday at the Chintimini Kennel Club dog show.  This was a 3-point major win that Hallie is especially proud of since she showed Johnny herself amongst many distractions.  Hallie has come a long way from her early dog showing experiences where she was terrified to even enter the show ring.

    Marie bragged: at the Chintimini KC show WeeCairn Travis of CairnPit (Travis) was WD on both 4/8 and 4/9 under judges Nemanj Jovanovic and Troy Davgin. And at the Lewiston KC show Travis was BOS for 3 points on 4/23 and finished his championship under judge Linda Wells. On 4/24 Travis went BOB under judge David Anderson and placed 3rd in the NOHS group under judge DJ Peat.

    Becky bragged: at the Cintimini KC show Kinloch's Harleyford (aka Harley Quinn) was WB on Friday with Vicki handling and was WB on both Saturday and Sunday with Becky handling.

    Vicki bragged: on April 15th at the Valley Dog Sports event, Kinloch's Highland Springs with Joywood (Charlea) earned her first leg in Novice Barnhunt and with an entry of at least 40 Novice dogs she was high in class.

    Vicky bragged: Kingdom’s Girl Detective of Adderbury (Trixie) was RWB at Chintimini KC Show April 9. At the Lewiston Spring Cluster Trixie handled by Baylee Lewis was WB/BW for a 3pt major. And that Adderbury Inspector Morse at Chintimini KC Show April 9 went RWD and Bred By Exhibitor and worked really hard for a G1. Thanks to Betsy and Pat for sticking it out with me.  

    Betsy bragged: Day 3 in Lewiston ID 14 year old Oz-man would have qualified in Rally Excellent Obedience with a good score if he had a better handler. Betsy missed a station!!! Judge was very impressed he was 14 and very complimentary of his working.  And Day 1 and 3 at Lewiston, ID Mario took Select Dog over 1 special.t the Lewiston KC shows Mario was Select dog at two shows and that Oz, at age 14, did really well on Sunday in Rally Excellent.

    Hiliary bragged: Scotch Broom Golden Hind of the Isles (Drake) earned his Scentwork Master Exterior title.


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