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  • Peggy Appel
    Peggy Appel

    May 2016 Brags

    Debbie bragged that GCH Joywood's Miss Brookes O'Qwentessential at Tushus went BOS and BOS at Chintimini on 4/2 and 4/3; went SEL, BOS, SEL, SEL at NCAL Terrier show on 4/14, 4/15, 4/16, and 4/17; went AOM, BOS, Best owner handled, and SEL at the NCAL specialty on 2/19, 2/19, 2/20, and 2/21; and was SEL at the Linn County show on 2/28.

    Bobbie bragged that GCH Bonefy's Joyful Noise finished her grand championship in Sacramento - BOS 3 of the 4 days.

    Ilene bragged that she has a new Grand Champion - CH Kalil Chuffed to be Cool Brandon the Brave.

    Vicki bragged the GCH Scotch Broom Golden Hind of the Isles (Drake) was a new grand champion at Chintimini and finished his Barn Hunt Novice title in Longview; and that CH Kinloch's Upper Deck (Sammy) and GCH Kinloch's David Douglas of the Isles (Doogie) both finished their RAE and CDX in the last month.

    Hallie bragged for Roland that Kiowa's Rhinestone Cowboy (Nucky) finally got his RATN title after Roland figured out that Nucky indicates that he found a rat with a very small tail wag. With that detail figured out, Nucky went on to finish 3 legs to get his RATO title with only 4 tries. Hallie bragged that Kiowa's Life Is What You Make It (Eleanor) got her RATO title. She loves Barn Hunt very much, especially with tons of rats to look for at the senior level. In fact, she loves it so much that she now requires 3 people in the ring when her run is over in order to catch her.

    Hallie bragged that Brigadoon's Queen Malka will turn 11 on May 11. She is feeling very young and still loves to run around, especially since her knee repair surgery last summer.

    Fran bragged that Cricket is 7 years old today and she reported that she went to Grants Pass Riverside Park and dropped Norn's ashes into the Rogue River - a river he had grown up loving.

    Cindi bragged that Padme turned 8 today and Jasmine turned 7; thank you to Grandma Zoe and mama Mary for giving us our precious girls. She also bragged that Billy Flynn earned a Barn Hunt leg. Lynda bragged that Goosedown's Chief of Staff turns 13 years old on May 8.

    Vicky bragged via Debbie: AM/INT CH KIOWA LOAD OF MISCHIEF OF ADDERBURY NW1 NW2 L1E L1C RATN call name Pub on March 27 participated in our first NW3 trial. Team Vicky and Pub found 7 out of 9 hides. One of us false alerted on containers, one of us called Finish too early in interiors and then after a perfect exterior search in a huge area called Finish too late. No new title but a good team effort.


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