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  • Peggy Appel
    Peggy Appel

    April Brags

    Brags from the April club meeting:

    Bobbie bragged that Bonefy’s Northern Lights earned her first point on Sunday at the Chintimini show; and that GCH Bonefy’s Joyful Noise went BOS both days and got a group 3 in the NOHS group.

    Hallie bragged that Kiowa’s Life Is What You Make It (Eleanor) had her first AKC agility trial on Hallie’s 65th birthday. After she removed her leash, she got ready and looked down to get her started and realized that Eleanor had started her run without her. She did some jumps and tunnels with great speed and enthusiasm, but Hallie was impressed that apparently Eleanor can design her own agility courses and does not seem to need a handler!

    Betsy bragged that Mario has blended into our pack well, Oz promised he would not kill him and would try to play fair.

    Ilene bragged that Kalil Cool Cooper the Courageous was BOW twice in Syracuse New Your this past weekend. He looked gorgeous and is a Casey great grandson!


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