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  • Neil Fykerud
    Neil Fykerud

    While My Buddy Was Gone

    Bob, for the week you were out,
    I was exploring here and about.

    In the exercise department Neil did not fail,
    multiple trips a day over lawn and trail.

    In your absence Neil didn’t spend much time on solo pursuits or TV, 
    as he was occupied at home with the chores and watching Webster and me.

    Neil says my habits are quite unique,
    However, i’m a normal Cairn Terrrier pup, no freak.

    I brought a lot of real neat things back home,
    On the trips up the hill, while I did roam.

    Of all the real choice rocks, cones, and sticks,
    left in the front yard the very ‘best’ picks.
    Neil says that my intake leaves much to desire,
    Better to eat stuff out of the muck and the mire.

    Well, I'll give it to you straight, yes the straight scoop.
    I really dig ‘kitty roca’, ie. cat poop.

    Yes, you’ve probably already got the word,
    I brought into the house a petrified cat turd.

    Neil didn’t know what it was until he got it in his hand.
    Then when I tried to explain that it was dessert, he didn’t quite understand.

    Being the clever pup that I am, I found it the next day out in the yard,
    Still as good looking, and, still as hard.

    He ended up taking it from me not once, but twice.
    That time around I didn’t think it was nice.

    I drink and eat like a horse, 
    That’s what growing boys do best, of course.

    Can fill up my tummy and can remain lean.
    Sort of a constant lean, mean eating machine.

    Yes, when it comes to food
    My motto is – i’m always in the mood.

    Webster, Neil and I slept each night together.
    The bed is so soft, it feels like a feather.

    One morning at 2:00 a.m., I got the urge, 
    Some old grass clippings and a swallowed rock I did purge.

    I’ve been a good dog, as far as peeing outside,
    However, if I said i’d been 100% perfect you’d knowed that I lied.

    Actually, most of the time our timing was great,
    However, a few times Neil was late (and I couldn’t wait).

    I also chew and swallow rocks and other stuff.
    I think it’s really cool, makes me feel ruff and tuff.

    And get a load of those goofy things you call ‘cats',
    Man can I make the gray one ‘scats’!

    Right now I try but can’t keep their pace,
    But soon I'll be bigger and faster and will win the race.

    Buff is sort of my friend,
    Kind of follows me on the trail until the end.

    Although Buff has clubbed me a few times,
    Still don’t know what caused it for against him I committed no crimes.

    Could it be my rough house play?
    Or is it one of those things they call a ‘bad day’?

    Webster, Neil, and I played a lot and had loads of fun,
    We usually then went to bed after the evening activities were done.

    Through deliberate play with my new family friends (not all a lark),
    You’ll be pleased, I imagine, with my practiced high pitched bark!

    Yes, I like hanging out with Neil, my bud,
    But the other one, Webster, I think he at times, thinks me a dud.

    He’ll come around and I'll win him over, I will,
    I’ll keep him constantly on the go cause I can’t keep still.

    The mentioned antics and adventures are accurate and true,
    Hopefully they were enlightening and entertaining for you.

    Anyway, hope you had lots of fun this past week,
    I know when you are back, I'll be absolutely at my peak!

    Additionally ‘tis my hope that it happened right from the start,
    That I found my way… into your heart.

    For a little guy like me, I have a large capacity for love,
    And my care is entrusted to you both from above.

    Though my actions may not always be clever and wiley, 
    Please love me and remember…i’m destined to live the life o' Riley!



    Take me, oh take me, to vist relatives I implore,
    New people to meet and places to explore!

    Oh, in my mind it’ll be so peachy-keen,
    When we go stay with Aunt Rita and Uncle Gene.

    And when we head up north to stay with Granpa Bill, I'll try not to be a pill,
    Rather, the Fykerud’s ambassador of goodwill.

    riley.jpgAbout the Author

    The above poem was written on 6/19/96 by Riley (with Neil’s help) for Bobbie while she was gone for three weeks to study volcanoes in Hawaii.  Riley (Cairn puppy) had just come to live with us, Webster (our adult cairn), Buff (cat) and Smudge (cat).)


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