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  • Ilene Kaplan
    Ilene Kaplan

    Specialty Weekend Schedule & Feedback


    3:00 PM   Setup — Portland Expo 2060 N Marine Dr, Portland OR 97217

    FRIDAY JULY 20  

    Ring 7 all day-Portland Expo.

    8:00  AM Obedience Specialty  (9 cairns).

    10:00 AM  Sweeps (14 puppies) (5 vets).

    11:15 AM Junior Show  (3).

    11:30 AM Buffet Lunch at Ringside.

    12:15 PM Specialty (62 cairns) Possible break judge’s discretion.

    5:30 PM Hosted Lite Fare Dinner --Caesar Salad, Meatballs and Penne Pasta (with Wine, Beer, Iced Tea and Soda Cash Bar), Mt Hood Room, Marriott Residence Inn, 1250 N Anchor Way, Portland OR 97217.


    10:30 AM Ring time,  Ring 4  (50 cairns).

    12:30-5:30 PM Kidney Ultrasound Clinic $65/dog at Expo, contact Ilene Kaplan, kaplani@union.edu for appointment, walk-ins if available.

    6:00 PM CRCTC Specialty Banquet —  Marriott Courtyard, 1231 N Anchor Way (across from Residence Inn) 6pm cocktails(verandah), cash bar.

    7:00 PM CRCTC Specialty Banquet  Buffet dinner, Columbia Room.


    9:15 AM Ring time, Ring 7 (48 cairns).


    1. LEFT from Residence Inn parking lot
    2. At cul de sac go STRAIGHT on to gravel road about 100 feet, continue STRAIGHT and go UNDER I-5
    3. Go RIGHT at Stop sign to next intersection
    4. Expo on the LEFT 

    When  returning to Hotel, remember to  go LEFT at Stop sign to road UNDER I-5.


    Recommended Comments

    Preparation for the specialty begins many months in advance. There is no question, it takes a village to make the specialty weekend happen. Please give us your feedback before August 1, 5 pm. Your comments will be reviewed by the Board and at the Debrief Meeting. Constructive comments always help us improve!  Comment on things like: 1. Setup and welcome, 2. general show, 3. Ringside hospitality, 4. hotel accommodations, 5. hotel events/Fri and Sat 

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    1. If there was hospitality bags this year I did not receive one. 

    2. No problems with the show. I liked the prizes. 

    3. Good job to the hospitality crew. Lunch was on time.

    4. Does not apply to me.

    5. I was very disappointed with the buffet and have sent an email to the show chair. It was the worse buffet I think I have ever had and I have been to a few not only with dog clubs. I could not make it to the dinner Friday.



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