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    Auction - Wade Cairn Pipe Stand

    During the fifties, sixties and seventies, Wade issued a range of unusual products such as this delightful Cairn pipe rest. Auction concludes at noon Pacific time on October 3rd.

    Condition is excellent. Still useful for it's theoretical purpose as a pipe stand, this little Cairn is charming all on its own, or it can keep all sorts of small items handy in the bowl-shaped recess. Whether holding pennies, pipes, pins, potpourri, or something else … this Cairn pipe rest will brighten any display surface.


    ccs-1-0-29295300-1409608468_thumb.jpg ccs-1-0-34316500-1409608388_thumb.jpg

    ccs-1-0-32806900-1409608487_thumb.jpg ccs-1-0-40514000-1409608607_thumb.jpg

    ccs-1-0-39578200-1409608616_thumb.jpg ccs-1-0-70092300-1409608624_thumb.jpg


    Auction Period

    • Auction concludes at noon Pacific time on October 3rd.

      How to Bid
      • Members log in / guests register to bid.
      • Leave your bid as a comment to this article.
      • At the auctions close the last bid entered will be the winner, pending invoice payment.
      • Invoice not paid in 5 business days will revert winner to next highest bid.
      • Shipping included within US; other shipping will be invoiced at actual cost.


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