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  • Brad LaBroad
    Brad LaBroad

    Memory Lane

    @Bobbie Fykerud kindly passed along a packet of photos she received from Carol Woodman. Within the packet was a post-it associated with a subset of the photos which appeared to be from Betty Richardson. The photos include (but are not limited to) Brush Prairie 1998 and at least one Cascade Cairn Terrier Club fun match at the Win-Star Bed & Biscuit in Tacoma (a recurring event held in conjunction with the Puyallup shows).

    Please enjoy a few photos from over 20 years ago. If you are logged in to the site (registration on our site is not limited to club members) you are encouraged to use the comment section of any photo to help add context: identify the place, the date, a person or dog shown, or anything else you may remember that is related to the photo. 

    I hope you enjoy the short trip down memory lane and thank you to everyone in the chain of custody for sharing these memories. To view the album click an image or the album title (Woodman-Richardson).


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