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  • Ilene Kaplan
    Ilene Kaplan

    Hunting Rats, Barn Hunt Style

    Another successful barn hunt practice was sponsored by CRCTC Saturday, Sept 9, capturing a full day of education and fun. Cairns, borders, setters, cattle dogs  and an assortment of other two and four footed teams turned out for a great day at the Smith Barn in Battle Ground, Wa.

    The day began with a barn hunt tutorial session led by Ilene Kaplan and Vicki Havlik. Basic barn hunt rules and practices were reviewed and the participants then experienced a Meet the Rat session with Rat Men Tim and Luke. After the education program, instinct, novice, open and senior runs were held. Over 30 folks showed up and many brought multiple dogs.

    In addition to club members Vicki Havlik  and Ilene Kaplan, thanks also go to Betsy Peets and Linda Kenney for ringside help.  And of course, very special thanks to Hallie Smith who is so generous to our club with the use of the Smith's Barn. Hallie also worked a full day, along with help from her sidekick Cairns Elinore and Malkeh. 

    I hope folks add pictures. Included are  pics of Debbie and Junot & Jane and Darcy. We will let you all know when our next barn hunt practice will be held. Come and have fun!



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