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  • Cindi Marshall
    Cindi Marshall

    Great Western/CTCA Roving/CTCSC

    Correspondence received:


    Attached below is all the information in relation to the Cairn Terrier Club of America Roving National Specialty weekend June 22-23-24, 2018 including the Great Western Terrier Association Premium List, the Specialty Booklet and Raffle Drawing Flyer.  Jack Bradshaw is the show superintendent (www.jbradshaw.com ) and entries close for the specialties on Wednesday, June 6, 2018.

    The Cairn Terrier Clubs of Southern and Northern California are looking forward to hosting the CTCA Roving National Specialty and in having all our friends join us in this 3-day extravaganza.  If anyone has any questions, has a problem securing hotel accommodations or simply needs questions answered, please contact Karen Smith at 760-728-7133 or email her at redcoat@roadrunner.com .

    If you could kindly forward this information to your membership, we would be very grateful.  The information is also available on the Cairn Terrier Club of Southern California Facebook Page and webpage at www.cairnterrier.net.


    This information has also been added to the group, Show Calendar (accessible to club members).


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