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  • Ilene Kaplan
    Ilene Kaplan

    Fall 2018 Barn Hunt Practice

    We had a wonderful turnout at our 2018 Fall Barn Hunt Practice; over 60 runs with cairns, samoyeds and many more breeds and "all Americans" participating. It was a great Fall day and we were lucky with the dry weather in a rain filled week-- and perfect hunting and practice temperatures for our four footed friends!

    Thanks go to Linda Kenney, Betsy Peets, Vicki Havlik, Fran Wright, and Ilene Kaplan for their planning and help. And of course, it could not have happened without the gracious use of Hallie Gould's  and Roland Smith's barn in Battle Ground-- they had their barn in tip top shape and gave us big welcoming smiles.

    Our Instinct group was the most popular and we all benefited from the Meet the Rat introduction that started our day, given by Rat Lady Kathy and club member Ryan Westlund.  Thanks also go to Rat Man Tim for the use of his rats. Novice, Open, and Senior/Master runs were also practiced and by the end of the day, we felt we had an array of hunting experiences.

    We will be uploading pictures of our participants so keep checking this site. We've started with a picture of Cricket on the hunt, owned and loved by club member Fran Wright--  and keep watch our website for our next practice session in the Spring! 



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