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  • Brad LaBroad
    Brad LaBroad

    Earthdog Lullabye

    While we all treasure a quiet house dog an earthdog test is one place a Cairn is allowed to cut loose with its ancestral work: letting us know the whereabouts of critters.

    Cairns were well represented at the Oregon Trail's End Earthdog test today, with Doogie earning his 9th EE (Endurance Earthdog) — an AKC record according to Ryan.  

    For your listening pleasure, 90 seconds of Doogie serenading his quarry during his second Master qualifying leg (third of four Qs for the day).

    The morning Master judge suggested hiring Doogie out to piano teachers needing a reliable metronome. 


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    That's my Doogie.  He also does that for deer and hummingbirds!:D

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