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  • Betsy Peets
    Betsy Peets

    Dental Presentation

    Dr. Elizabeth (Liz) Hardesty visited us at our November 5 club meeting and gave a presentation on Canine dental health.  Dr Hardesty is the Medical Director at Murrayhill Veterinary Hospital in Beaverton, Oregon.  Her father was also a Vet.  She  is very adamant about brushing your dog’s teeth daily, she does it to her 3 Cairns at night when she gets home.  She suggests that you use flavored toothpaste, as she knows this isn’t one of their favorite activities, and to have a professional cleaning once a year. 

    We asked about what to give our dogs for chewing.  She suggested that we check out VOHC.org for a list of safe chewing treats to give to your best pal.  She suggested to avoid bones, they tend to cause teeth to break.  As a general rule look for chews that are compressed, that will break down and are not too hard.  She did mention that there is a genetic component to teeth health but with daily care you can help your Cairn keep all 42 of their teeth. 

    Dr Hardesty suggested not to put water on their kibble as many of us do.  She said it softens the kibble and they need that crunch to help fight the tartar and plaque.  The bigger the kibble the better she said.  Fish or Flax oil, any Omega fatty acid is a great additive for their meals because it is beneficial to periodontal health, she suggested Nature Made brand. 


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