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  • Brad LaBroad
    Brad LaBroad

    Conformation Workshop and Puppy Party


    Bill Monohon conducts Cairn conformation choir at an enjoyable and educational conformation workshop.

    Thank you Bill for helping puppies and new exhibitors have a positive experience of the conformation ring. Thanks for sharing tips and techniques that helped even the more experienced handlers.

    Thank you Roland and Hallie for your hospitality. 

    Thank you puppies for putting the smiles on our faces.

    Thank you Cairns of all ages who participated, and your owners who brought you out for a beautiful day, a lovely potluck barbecue, and some pleasant socialization.

    A few more photos here: https://www.crctc.org/gallery/category/73-2018-handling-class-puppy-party/

    Following the conformation workshop, puppy party and lunch the club also hosted all-breed Trick Dog and Canine Good Citizen testing.  Thank you to the organizers for putting on a nice day of mixed activities that anyone could enjoy!


    Betsy Peets


    Thank you Brad for posting!!!  Thanks everyone, it was very fun & educational!!


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    Ted Akimoto


    Thanks for the pics Brad.  Looks like everyone had fun.  Wish I was there too.

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