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  • Betsy Peets
    Betsy Peets

    Club and Board Meetings by Teleconference

    Because of the Covid-19 pandemic CRCTC members are not able to meet in person. Your President and Board of Directors investigated to find to what kind of restrictions our teleconferenced meetings are subject.  Here is what was found:

    For Remote Board meetings the State says we can hold meetings. Oregon law states that unless our by-laws prohibit it we can hold teleconference meetings. Meeting notifications must be 7 days in advance.

    Board voting:

    • Secret Ballots: Attendees to email ballot sent to secretary, with a time frame to respond within.  APPROVED
    • Regular voting:  Will be done by roll call polling, APPROVED

    For General Meetings remote participation will be acceptable and must be announced in advance of the next monthly meeting.  Each remote meeting will be approved on an “as needed” basis by the board. The July 7, 2020 General Club meeting has been approved by the Board and is posted on the calendar.

    • Secret Ballot for remote participants will be done via email sent to the secretary within a time limit that will be announced during the meeting.  No email will be sent out to attendees, it is up to them to send their ballots to the secretary.
    • Normal Ballot will be done via poll of participants attending meeting.

    Agendas for both Board and club meetings will be emailed 7 days in advance of teleconference meetings

    Edited by Brad LaBroad


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