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  • Cindi Marshall
    Cindi Marshall

    Cairntastic Fun Day Report

    Thanks to all who took part in The Columbia River Cairn Terrier Club’s Cairntastic Fun Day at Milo McIver State Park on Saturday September 5, 2015. This yearly event allows Cairn Owners and Cairn Lovers, old friends and new, from near and far, to gather and play together, while celebrating their Cairn Companions.

    Early morning coffee, donuts and fruit were provided by Sharon Lannigan.

    Humans played Picking Up “Poops” (made from a Healthy Dog Biscuit Recipe by Bobbie and Neil Fykerud). The winner was Lisa Anderson, owner of Olivia...Livy...who picked up 22 “poops” in 30 seconds. Coming in close behind in a three-way tie for second were Roberta Goforth, Brad LaBroad and Tom Quarles with 21 “poops" each.

    Cairns Enjoyed Diving for Healthy Turkey Hotdog BitsI The competition was won by Malka, owned by Roland and Hallie Smith, who managed to devour 10 bits in 30 seconds, despite not being allowed the use of her back legs. In 2nd place was Dolly, owned by Susan McAlpin and Earl Josephson, with a score of 8 bits! 

    We all shared a delicious potluck lunch and hot dogs with all the fixings, cooked by our Food Chair, Darleen Chester. An array of sides, salads and desserts brought by participants left everyone feeling happily stuffed.

    The Beautiful Heart shaped Raffle Basket, containing a Cairn Cutting Board, a framed Cairn Terrier picture, dog treats and goodies and gift cards and gift certificates was won by Roberta Goforth. Congratulations Roberta and many thanks to all who bought tickets, and to our Treasurer Fran Wright who sold them!

    The Cairn Races capped off the day. Puppies and Veterans ran in their own categories, with Dolley showing amazing drive and speed for a veteran, and several puppies showing considerable promise. Many of the very youngest puppies had a good time just being puppies.

    After the specialty races the rest of the pack competed in single-elimination heats until a final winner was declared: Nucky, owned by Roland and Hallie Smith took home The Barley Cup!

    Many thanks to Peggy Appel and Brad LaBroad who arrived at the crack of dawn to set the up the Race Course, to all those who helped with the Races and all who packed up at the end!

    A very special thanks to Oregon State Park Ranger Rhonda Turner, who gave the CRCTC a warm and enthusiastic welcome and joined us to view the Cairn Races. 

    See our photo gallery for more pictures from this year. 

    We hope to see you at the 2016 CRCTC Cairntastic Fun Day next year.

    Save the date: Saturday September 3, 2016. Look for details to be posted next summer.

    Cindi Marshall, Fun Day Champion

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