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  • Ilene Kaplan
    Ilene Kaplan

    Cairn Heart Health Presentation

    In what turned out to be both fun and educational (yes, they can go together!) we had a great education night on Cairn Heart Health. The speaker was Dr Katherine Atkinson, a board certified veterinary college diplomate whose specialty is cardiology. Dr Atkinson is the founder of Heart  of Oregon, a cardiology veterinary health group that serves the greater Portland area. 

    The topic was selected because cardiology problems were the second highest ranked health concerns in the national health survey of the CTCA.

    After a presentation on heart disease that covered puppies and seniors, Dr Atkinson demonstrated how cardio ultrasounds are conducted on canines. Thank you Quip for being a great demo dog! 


    The enthusiasm of the group was demonstrated by the lengthy question and answer period that followed the talk. I am very happy to have been able to organize this event!


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