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  • Ilene Kaplan
    Ilene Kaplan

    Barn Hunt Practice Big Success!

    Friday June 16 turned out to be a great day for a barn hunt practice!

    Club members Hallie Gould and Roland Smith provided the perfect setting for hunting rats in their picturesque barn in Battle Ground. A team of club workers, including Linda Kenney, Betsy Peets, Vicki Havlik, Betty Hann and Ilene Kaplan (and of course Hallie and Roland) worked hard to insure a fun time for club members, NW participants and of course, their four footed buddies.

    Several breeds were represented but not surprisingly, Cairns were in the forefront. We welcome all breeds and about 30 dogs participated in our event, doing several runs each! The weather was really on our side-- perfect temps and a breeze to keep us all refreshed!

    Barn hunt practice offers a chance to work on our skills and improve the team experience between handler and dog; we were able to offer a range of runs, from instinct to senior/master. Ratman Tim offered a changeover of friendly rats and the event started with a "meet the rat" for beginners.

    We hope to be doing this again in the Fall, so stay tuned for our announcements on this website as well as on facebook. We will also be updating with more practice pics!

    BH practice 2018_.jpg


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