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  • Debbie Blanchard
    Debbie Blanchard

    2023 Toto Trot - The Pongo Fund check presentation


    The Pongo Fund thanks the CRCTC for their $500 donation from the 2023 Toto Trot.  Because they are in the middle of a Giving Campaign, our donation will be matched making our total impact $1000!  Barb McNamee and I got a quick tour with Larry who is the Pongo Fund founder.  He started the fund 16 years ago from his car after his Pongo died.  It was unknown at that time if there even was a need. 

    14 years ago, the Fund became a non profit and now has a location in SE Portland.  They service 250 food banks who need dog and cat food for their human clients’ pets.  They only provide high quality food and try to keep the food supply consistent for the health of their furry clients. 

    Their costs have almost tripled in recent years.  Pallets of food that were $40K in the past are now over $100K.  Looks like they purchase mostly the Costco Kirkland brand.  The day we visited they had volunteers packing kibble for the organizations that had ordered in advance and were waiting in line for their distribution.  The site is unheated; other than one heater Larry has for his current furry friend.  There were a dozen or so stacks of totes waiting to be delivered. 

    Larry talked of the challenges of local low cost adoption events where the adopters will probably not be able to provide their new friend enough to eat. 

    We talked about how we might help.  Of course, $ donations are always appreciated.  While a pet food drive would provide food, in order to maintain their consistent high quality food, arrangements would need to be made with an organization, possibly with discounts, that could provide that level of food.  Other ideas include getting a group together to volunteer to help pack kibble, maybe when it starts to warm up again. 

    Anyway it was great to learn about the very necessary work that the Pongo Fund does.   As a club, I would recommend that the board discuss and determine interest in helping even more.  The need is great and this organization is certainly worthy.  Larry would love for us to stay in touch!

    I also highly recommend their website/blog the thepongofund.org where Larry posts stories of what he/they do.  Many sad but show they help how they can.  Let’s talk about what we can do to help out more!

    The Pongo Fund.  Sit. Stay. Eat Live.

    (Picture of presentation to follow. Picture of event would be good!)


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