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  • Betsy Peets
    Betsy Peets

    2019 Cairntastic day

    CRCTC's CAIRNTASTIC DAY was a lot of fun and a lot of work but Oh so worth it!  The weather cooperated, although I would personally like to have it cooler but it was better than a downpour :) 

    Here's a brief summary of our day:

    Saturday, Sept. 14, 2019 – 9:00 am
    Home of Tom & Marie Quarles
    24491 S Larkin Road, Beavercreek Oregon 97004
    20 total guests and more dogs than people maybe.  

    Setting up took a bit longer than thought.  Got a late start, not sure when but maybe 10:30?

    Racing, Single Elimination

    • 14 Cairns total, 5 heats with 3 dogs/bitches each (except heat 2 had only 2 (dog & bitch)
    • Drake is now the holder of the Barley cup.
    • Phoebe is the fastest girl.
    • Victoria is the fastest puppy

    Lunch was great.  A couple salads and a few desserts, YUM!

    Muffin Tin Game – 12 cup muffin tin with 5 treats hidden, 1 minute time

    • Phoebe was the fastest with 5 treats found in 30 seconds
    • Doogie was runner up with 5 treats found in 55 seconds
    • Eleanor came in third with all 5 treats found in 1 minute
    • Emerald came in fourth with 4 treats found in 1 minute

    Hot Dog Diving – 10 hot dog pieces in pool, 30 seconds time

    • Phoebe came in first with all 10 hot dogs in 29.59 seconds
    •  Darcie came in second with 9 hot dogs in 30 seconds
    • Monty came in third with 7 hot dogs in 30 seconds
    • Drake came in fourth with 4 hot dogs in 30 seconds

    CGC/Trick Dog Evaluations - Betsy Peets evaluator # 97081

    • 2 CGC tests, 1 pass
    • 1 CGCA test, 0 pass
    •  1 Novice Trick test, 1 Pass

    Day ended late, not sure what time, maybe 4ish.

    Thank you every one for the help setting up and breaking down. Hope all had fun!!




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