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  • Brad LaBroad
    Brad LaBroad

    2018 Eye Clinic

    CRCTC is pleased to offer an OM screening and CAER* exam on March 10 with the generous cooperation of Dr. Paul Scherlie.

    Testing that will be performed: 

    • CAER  — should be done by one year of age and repeated annually.
    • OM (Ocular Melanosis) — should be done for Cairns after three years of age and repeated annually.

    CAER exams are advised for all dogs and OM screening is of particular importance for Cairn Terriers.

    * The American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) designated the OFA’s Eye Certification Registry as their endorsed registry as of November 1, 2012. More information.

    About OM

    If you own a Cairn Terrier you may be interested to learn more about Ocular Melanosis. The Cairn Terrier Club of America has funded considerable research on OM. For more information about OM, review the general information flyer below, or visit the CTCA's health related concerns page that includes many OM related resources, including study information and research reports.

    More information

    For updates and additional details, check the calendar entry for this event.


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