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Cairn Terrier Club of Denver - Specialties

Peggy Appel
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Greetings from Colorado. 

We would love to see all of yous at our specialties in Greeley, CO August 16th, in conjunction with the Greeley Kennel Club shows. We have two specialties, and Greeley has 3 shows so there are five opportunities for points over the four days. In addition, we have a banquet, a cookout and other food opportunities to enhance the fun and enjoy the company of other Cairn lovers. We also are offering kidney ultrasounds, performed by a board certified veterinary radiologist  at a discounted rate of $65. This is a great opportunity to get this important health testing done at a great price. In addition, Greeley offers other health testing including eyes. Our superintendent is Onofrio, and the premium can be found here: http://www.onofrio.com/plist/xgre2pl.pdf. You can register for the food opportunities on our website, https://www.ctcdenver.com/2024-specialties

We hope to see you in Greeley in August for some Star Spangled Cairn fun!

Thank you,

Robin Bovard

Show Chair 

Cairn Terrier Club of Denver


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