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Club Meeting


Cindi Marshall
CRCTC Public

Event details


Market of Choice
5639 Hood St
West Linn, OR 97068

7:00 PM

The meeting room is upstairs above the food service area.

Arrive early to allow yourself time to eat before the meeting. Market of Choice has a variety of grab-and-go packaged dinners, deli items, weigh-and-pay hot food and salads, and made-to-order grill and kitchen items to choose from, in addition to the usual grocery store inventory.


Standard Agenda (quorum: 8)

1. Roll Call & Guests

2. Approval of the Minutes

3. Reports

4. Committee Reports*

5. Election of New Members 
— Read new applications if any

6. Unfinished Business

7. New Business

8. Time and Place of Next Meeting

9. Brags

10. Adjournment

* Committees are assumed to have 'no report' unless they have requested time on the agenda, or have deliverables promised for the scheduled meeting. Contact Vicki or Cindi to be put on the agenda. 24 hours notice would be appreciated.




Recommended Comments

Would it be helpful to enable RSVPs for meeting calendar events?  Benefits include a running tally of each choice (going, maybe, or declined) as well as who RSVP'd what.

It might make it easier to see that a quorum is likely or unlikely, although that requires more than one person to check the event and be willing to click a button. 

For those unfamiliar with how RSVPs work on calendar events it's a signal of your interest. Buttons are Going, Declined, and Maybe. After picking one you can change it any time by clicking a different option. 

I've enabled it for this entry so you can see. 

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