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The barnhunt practice scheduled for June 15 has been cancelled. 

Betsy Peets Betsy Peets

Earthdog Tests

CRCTC Public
Betsy Peets

Event details

2 in one day! Tune in for more information  

Entry Fees:                          Pre Entry          Day of Entry

Intro                                     $10                   $12

Junior, Senior, Master          $16                    $20

Senior/Master on same day  $20                  $25              

AM Test closes 7:00am

PM Test Closes 11:am

Pre-entry discounts apply only to entries received by the test secretary before 6:00 pm on Monday, May 13, 2019.

Judges:  Val Perry, Marie Quarles, Laurits (Dix) Dixon, Wally Quinn

See attached entry form & premium list for more detail.  



2019 5-18 EARTHDOG premium.pdf

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