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The barnhunt practice scheduled for June 15 has been cancelled. 

Betsy Peets Betsy Peets

Software Update Tuesday

This announcement is no longer active

Brad LaBroad

It's time for another software upgrade :w00t:  I'm gathering the necessary third-party applications and will take the site down for a couple of hours at some point in the next week or so Tuesday April 16th.

Don't panic if you get a dire-looking server-related error message — that just means that critical files are being overwritten by the update process at that moment. Try again in a little while.

As is often the case with a major update, some pages may have a case of the uglies following the update. These are usually cosmetic formatting issues related to changes in page or database styling. The page and database content should be as before; it may just look more like a ransom note than usual.

In the days and weeks following the update I will track down and fix as many of these formatting issues I can find, or am notified about. Please use Site Help  or a "Report to Moderator" link (where available) to report broken pages. Thanks!

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