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Software Update Tuesday

This announcement is no longer active

Brad LaBroad

It's time for another software upgrade :w00t:  I'm gathering the necessary third-party applications and will take the site down for a couple of hours at some point in the next week or so Tuesday April 16th.

Don't panic if you get a dire-looking server-related error message — that just means that critical files are being overwritten by the update process at that moment. Try again in a little while.

As is often the case with a major update, some pages may have a case of the uglies following the update. These are usually cosmetic formatting issues related to changes in page or database styling. The page and database content should be as before; it may just look more like a ransom note than usual.

In the days and weeks following the update I will track down and fix as many of these formatting issues I can find, or am notified about. Please use Site Help  or a "Report to Moderator" link (where available) to report broken pages. Thanks!

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