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Club Meeting - Cedar Mill

Brad LaBroad
CRCTC Public

Event details


Market of Choice Demo Kitchen

250 NW Lost Springs Terrace

Portland, OR 97229


The Demo Kitchen is on the second floor— accessible from the rear of the store by elevator and stairs leading to restrooms.

Meeting starts at 7:00. Arrive early to eat - we have the room from 6:00 on.

A Specialty meeting will follow the regular meeting.


1. Roll Call & Guests

2. Approval of the Minutes

3. Reports

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

    4. Committee Reports*
    • Other

    5. Election of New Members

      [*]Read new applications if any

      6. Unfinished Business

      7. New Business

      8. Time and Place of Next Meeting

      9. Brags

      10. Adjournment

      Committees are assumed to have 'no report' unless they have requested time on the agenda, or have deliverables promised for the scheduled meeting. Contact Debbie or Peggy to be put on the agenda. 24 hours notice would be appreciated.


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