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Please join RiverRAT  Barn Hunt for our Turkey Trot barn hunt Trials in Longview Washington, November 24-26, 2017.  Yep, that’s Thanksgiving weekend and with one trial per day, you’ll have plenty of time to get your Black Friday shopping tradition complete and still have room for barn hunting.  We are excited to be the final step in Jeff Dairiki’s journey to become an “A” level barn hunt judge, this is his first assignment and we are looking forward to having him as another stellar PNW BHA judge.   

 We have once again partnered with Cascade American Pit Bull Club’s UKC conformation, junior showmanship, total dog, and weight pull event which gives everyone a chance to work on multiple titles at the same location.   They will have an assortment of weight pull harnesses for folks to try on and borrow.  On Saturday we are offering “Total Ratter” awards for dogs with Saturday UKC conformation wins and a qualifying barn hunt run as well as our “leftover” potluck.    

The  Barn Hunt premium list and the guide to using create a mail in entry is attached to this email.  For those wishing electronic entry, you may contact me at this address for instructions.

Looking forward to the holiday season, stinky rats, and having a great time with barn hunt and UKC friends.   You can find the latest RiverRAT information at www.riverratbarnhunt.com and barnhunt.com .

UKC event info at https://www.ukcdogs.com/event/cascade-american-pit-bull-terrier-club-nov-24-2017?calendar_id=3&view=all&offset=0

 Feel free to forward and share with friends and lists - the more the merrier! 

Janet Oatney & Ron Dunn
RiverRAT Barn Hunt
“Some Dogs Have All the Fun!”

20167nov PL.pdf 

Guide To Using the Create a Mail In Entry Form.pdf


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