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  1. Ads in TAO Catalog

    It's 2018! TAO has sent out a late request for ads in their Wed Jan 17 catalog. Contact me (kaplani@union.edu) if you are interested!
  2. I will give specialty updates at the November, December and January membership meetings, and of course, anyone can ask me questions at the CRCTC Holiday Party in December. After the holidays, and depending on the weather, we can start having additional specialty committee meetings-- that worked very well last year!
  3. 2016 Specialty Page Updates

    Specialty meetings Let's try and convene as part of the Nov and Dec club meetings. I will also give updates at these meetings. Once the holidays are over (see you at the holiday party!) we will start with specialty committee meetings since that worked well last year!
  4. Specialty Theme

    SPECIALTY THEME SELECTED! Last year our theme committee recommended that we had great topics to choose from and that we should keep them in mind for future years. For 2018, we decided to go with CAIRNIVAL, suggested by Brad LaBroad. There is a cairn carousel posted and we are looking forward to a fun time!
  5. Specialty Theme

    ...as always, we are politically correct! lol
  6. Hunting Rats, Barn Hunt Style

    Another successful barn hunt practice was sponsored by CRCTC Saturday, Sept 9, capturing a full day of education and fun. Cairns, borders, setters, cattle dogs and an assortment of other two and four footed teams turned out for a great day at the Smith Barn in Battle Ground, Wa. The day began with a barn hunt tutorial session led by Ilene Kaplan and Vicki Havlik. Basic barn hunt rules and practices were reviewed and the participants then experienced a Meet the Rat session with Rat Men Tim and Luke. After the education program, instinct, novice, open and senior runs were held. Over 30 folks showed up and many brought multiple dogs. In addition to club members Vicki Havlik and Ilene Kaplan, thanks also go to Betsy Peets and Linda Kenney for ringside help. And of course, very special thanks to Hallie Smith who is so generous to our club with the use of the Smith's Barn. Hallie also worked a full day, along with help from her sidekick Cairns Elinore and Malkeh. I hope folks add pictures. Included are pics of Debbie and Junot & Jane and Darcy. We will let you all know when our next barn hunt practice will be held. Come and have fun!
  7. 2017 Specialty Debrief

    At this point it probably makes sense to set a debrief date.. how about we debrief at the September general meeting on Sept 5.
  8. Barn Hunt Practice

    Barn hunt practice! All are welcome! Instinct to Senior Available (Master can practice on Senior) At Hallie and Roland Smith's Barn, Sept 9, 9am tutorial for beginners; 9:30-4:30 runs, 19517 NE 163rd Ave, Battle Ground, WA 98604 $10 per run, two for $15, same dog. Small tutorial fee for 9am session. Questions? contact Ilene Kaplan kaplani@union.edu or Vicki Havlik kinlochcairns@gmail.com There will be two tunnels set up — instinct/novice and an advanced level. Come when it is convenient but we suggest the following: 9:30-12:30 instinct and novice; 12:30-2:45 open; 2:45-4:30 senior. We will try to accommodate you whenever you arrive. Come and have fun!
  9. Our official times: Ring 7 Friday 8am Obedience 10 am Junior show 10:15 Sweeps 11:30 Regular Specialty Saturday Ring 5 12:15 Sunday Ring 7 12:45
  10. Update..Days Inn now called Country Inn. Same telephone # and arrangements within Columbia River Cairn Terrier Stumptown block.
  11. The rosettes and prizes for our specialty are now available for sponsorship on the specialty section of our website. Sponsor's names appear in the catalog. Not all prizes and rosettes are listed, but the majority are on the site. If an icon disappears, it means that it has been sponsored.
  12. 2017 Show Committee Show Chair, Dr. Ilene Kaplan; Asst Chair, Vicki Havlik; Prize Chair, Vicki Havlik; Raffle Chair, Cindi Marshall; Hospitality, Fran Wright; Roland Smith, Peggy Appel, Brad LaBroad, Neil Fykerud; Decorations, Betsy Peets, Barbara MacNamee; Hotel/Banquet, Ilene Kaplan, Peggy Appel; Advertising, Betsy Peets; Grooming Tables/Chairs, Betty Hann, Obedience, Vicky Montgomery; Ways and Means Liason and Ribbons, Debbie Blanchard Meetings will begin once budget is approved (submitted in November). 2017 Stewards: Ken and Paula Leach.
  13. Host Hotel: Oxford Suites, Jantzen Beach, $145 King, $165 2Queens, $25 one-time pet fee, 2 dog maximum per room, breakfast and late snack included. Hospitality Thurs and Friday evenings. Days Inn, Delta Park, $120, 2Queens, pet fee waived, 2+ dogs allowed, breakfast included. Thurs 5pm: Meet and Greet. Oxford Suites Bar and Lounge, cash bar. Friday 5pm: Lite fare, CRCTC hosted hospitality suite. Saturday Banquet: Warehouse 23 (on the water, Vancouver), 6pm cocktails, 7 pm Dinner.
  14. Kalil Cairn Terriers

    Kalil Cairn Terriers are active, healthy cairns with wonderful temperaments! They love all kinds of activities and are wonderful both in and out of the show ring. Whether its conformation, performance, or just plain fun, they are wonderful buddies. Puppies and adult dogs are sometimes available to select homes in both the Oregon and New York areas. Email or cell phone. Dr. Ilene M. Kaplan, AKC Breeder of Merit
  15. What would you like the 2017 Specialty theme to be? Betsy Peets, Cindi Marshall and I will be a sub committee to select the theme from your suggestions. Contact us and let us know your thoughts!!