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  1. Specialty Theme

    Ah, found an earlier one with just one tribble, in black. TeamTribble.psd
  2. Specialty Theme

    Attached is a PSD based on the tribbles. I used it to make a header image option for CairnTalk. If you have someone with photoshop they can tweak it in any direction (remove pattern, change number/position of heads, color, etc). dimension-header-tribble.psd
  3. Specialty Theme

    I'm sure I just grabbed it randomly. For chimpmails and public club work I buy images from Canstockphoto to use a legit image as a starting point. It might even be in there (the stock photo houses have considerable overlap). For what it's worth, my theme suggestions are rarely the literal suggestion (as in, "use this image") but examples of things that could fit with a theme concept. A type of brainstorming. I tend to think of themes, uh, thematically rather than representationally. In the case of that image I was suggesting Cairnival as a theme because you could used midway concepts, striped tenting, cheesy games, thrill rides, striped popcorn bags, food-on-a-stick, pennants, maybe steal some crossover ideas from circuses, and so on. I was thinking of making a "cairn toss" ring-toss game of some kind, or a pitch-a-penny game that might work like "split the pot." etc. We should probably skip the air-rifle shooting booth.
  4. Our Turn?

    Any objective observer can see it's true!
  5. Earthdog Practice


    PM sent with questions re chimpmail ...
  6. Hunting Rats, Barn Hunt Style

    Congrats on a successful event. Thanks for the writeup
  7. CAT + FastCAT

    Lucky Memorial Dog Park 10100 NE 149th Street Brush Prairie, WA 98606 Fully fenced. Cascade Whippet Club + Cascade Hound Club Cascade CATs Oct2017.pdf
  8. Let Me At 'Em

  9. 2017 Grooming Clinic

    Version 2017.09.06


    Printable flyer and registration
  10. Dog Show

    Vancouver Kennel Club
  11. Version 2017.08.29


    From CTCA