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  • Peggy Appel
    Peggy Appel

    October Brags

    While there was no quorum of members at the meeting thank heavens there are always Cairn brags to share!

    Barb bragged that she and Belinda survived a trip to Illinois last month; we have now experienced the Quad Cities in Feb and Sept.

    Cindi bragged that she is now the proud grandparent of their 3rd grandchild – Sundance Rose – who was born on 8/38/17. She has already met Jasmine, Billy, and Naomi and her own family dog, Wyatt. She is totally comfortable with canines.

    Debbie bragged that Grace Qwintessential at TuSchus got her 1st point at Chehalis WA on 9/16/17 going BOW and WB.

    Linda bragged that Megan caught another rat this week Wednesday – she is #1 rat catcher.


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