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  • Cindi Marshall
    Cindi Marshall

    May Brags

    Ilene bragged that Kalil Cool Holiday, Pi, was BOW at the weekend showa in Springfield, MA in May. Pi is a Casey Great Grandaughter!

    Betsy bragged that Cairngorm & Crofters Dream Maris Piper, Mario, is the Star of The AKC Star Puppy Class. His only competition is a sheltie. He had his first conformation class last week and did pretty well.

    Fran bragged that Cricket will turn 9 years old on the 3rd of May, and tomorrow she will get her teeth cleaned and doesn't know it!

    Bobbie bragged that Boney's Rugy Tuesday was Winners Bitch at the NCTA Show in Sacramento.

    Cindi bragged that Ch.Kinloch's Garden Party will be 9 on May 3rd. Her older sister, Padme, will be 10 on May 3rd!


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