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  • Peggy Appel
    Peggy Appel

    June Brags

    Here are the brags from the June club meeting.

    Fran bragged that for Cricket's 9th birthday she got her a red Coyote Kick Butt vest. It has spikes around the neck, 2 spike stripes on each side, and long wires along the back.

    Betsy bragged that Cairngorm and Crofter's Dream Maris Piper (Mario) got BOB Beginner Puppy and Group 1 Terrier Beginner Puppy in Klamath Falls on May 12th.

    Ilene bragged that Kalil Cool Holiday Pi was WB in competition (no males entered) at Ladies Dog Club this past weekend.

    Hallie bragged that Kiowa's Life Is What You Make It (Eleanor) passed her CGC test to receive her 5th title in 2 years. Eleanor just loves training and is also progressing in her agility classes, so perhaps next year, more titles will be added.


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