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Terms and Conditions

Event Registration and Entry

I certify by making this entry that I am the actual owner of the dog participating, or that I am the duly authorized agent of the owner. By my participation in any aspect or activity at this event I agree to abide by all rules and regulations governing this event and any decisions made in accordance with them; further, I agree that the participation of the dog(s) entered, and my own participation, will be AT MY OWN RISK and that I will hold the Columbia River Cairn Terrier Club, and all their members and officers free from liability for any claims arising out of me or my dog's presence or participation at this event. I understand and accept that I am personally responsible for all aspects of my dog's safety and my own safety at this event.

Featured Photos

Featured photos will be displayed in a prominent location of the front or "index" page of the site. Featured photos will run for the period of time associated with the associated paid invoice. When more than one featured photo is in active, each of the available photos will be randomly displayed on a per-page-load basis. After the advertising period expires, featured photos will be placed into a corresponding gallery album for continued access and enjoyment by site visitors. Submitters of featured photos grant the Columbia River Cairn Terrier Club (CRCTC) the nonexclusive perpetual right to display the submitted photo on its web site or in printed material such as newsletters, flyers, and print advertising.

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