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July meeting minutes and agenda are attached.  . 
Thankfully things are opening up and we are excited to meet in person.  We have reservations for this meeting at:
Elmers Restaurant -
16087 SE Clackamas Dr Clackamas, OR  97015 -
Phone 503-655-5656
We will update this information if Covid restrictions change.  
If you would rather call in you can still do that as well.   See below for instructions.  
VIDEO ACCESS to the same meeting room:
If you would like to participate via video, please:
    1: go to https://www.freeconferencecall.com
    2: click 'join meeting'
    3: use online meeting id 'tquarles9'
You will have to have click on the camera icon to activate your camera.
DIAL IN:  dial-in number is (515) 604-9900 - this may be toll from your phone, it is your responsibility to check or call from a phone with unlimited long distance.  The conference access code is 803639. Expect to be prompted to identify yourself when you dial in so we know who is there.
Dial-in and disconnect times and phone numbers are recorded by the conference call provider and will be provided to the secretary to make preparation of the minutes easier
During the call, we will be being more respectful of those who wish to speak.  I'll continue to encourage everyone to participate, but rather than a 'free for all', I'll ask that when you wish to speak, you simply state your name, and I'll call on you to speak - please end your statement with something to indicate you're done, and I'll call on the next person - this way, people with loud phone voices won't dominate the conversation.
Please call in on time - it is disruptive to have calls come in during the meeting.  We'll try to start the call 5 minutes or so early.

  • Calendar

    • 05 October 2022 02:00 AM
      The next CRCTC membership meeting is scheduled for:
      Tuesday, October 4th
      7:00 pm
      Elmers Restaurant
      16087 SE 82nd Drive, Clackamas OR 97015
      Call-in option number: 605-472-5789
      Our access code: 2420206
      The online meeting ID: kinlochcairns
      The online meeting code: 
    • 09 October 2022
      Specialty Information Sheet
      CTCA National Specialty, Macungie PA
      Date: October 9, 2022
      Regular Classes Judge: Satu Järvinen, Sweepstakes Judge: Barbara Allen, Terrier Group/Best in Show Judge: Karen Wilson
      October 6, 2022
      Hatboro Dog Club: CTCA Supported Entry, Regular Classes: Nancy Lovelady
      October 7, 2022
      Hatboro Dog Club: CTCA Supported Entry, Sweepstakes Judge: Mary Ann Robertson, Regular Classes: TBD
      October 8, 2022, Devon Dog Show, Ludwigs Corner, PA, Judge: Joe Vernuccio
      October 10, 2022
      Earthdog , (CTCA Supported Entry - Bedlington Terrier Club of America Tests), Two tests in one day, Mt. Laurel, NJ
      CTCA Club Events
      October 6th - Annual Meeting, Macungie Memorial Park Pavilion 3:00 PM.
      October 7th - Board of Governors meeting 5:00 PM. Location to be determined.
      October 8th - Health Clinics, Scottish Tea Party Education Program
    • 09 October 2022 06:00 PM Until 09:00 PM
      Save the date:  Sunday October 9th.
      Club get together pot luck and a few games.
      Location:  Quarles property
      Just a casual low key get together to socialize. You can bring your dog(s) or come alone. Fried chicken will be provided. Please bring a potluck item to share (salad or dessert). The club has bottles water left from the specialty which will be available. If you want additional beverages, please bring them.
      There will likely be a few games (with and without dogs). 
      Important: please RSVP if you plan to attend. There is an RSVP button on the left-hand side of this calendar event. Your RSVP can be updated at any time
      Questions?  Please contact Vicky Montgomery
      1 Going | 1 Maybe
    • 20 October 2022 Until 21 October 2022
      Download Premium List
    • 12 November 2022
      Two sessions (one AM and one PM). See www.crctc.org/tracking for details.
      Already know you want to sign up?
      Questions? Contact Betsy Peets by PM,  happismom@yahoo.com, or 503-329-1176.
    • 08 December 2022
      Designated Specialty Date: December 8, 2022 (with North Texas Terrier Club)
      Sweepstakes Judge: Pamela Offutt
      Regular Classes Judge: Pat Joyce
      Information Sheet
    • 15 January 2023
      Specialty Date: January 15, 2023
      Part of Brooksville, FL Cluster
      Sweepstakes Judge: Nancy Delyea
      Regular Classes Judge: Karen Wilson
      Supported entries both weekends of the cluster.
    • 21 January 2023
      Specialty Date: January 21, 2023 with Rose City Classic Cluster
      Judges TBD
    • 03 March 2023
      CTCA Roving National Specialty, Pomona CA
      CTCSC Specialties In conjunction with Great Western Terrier Association (GWTA), Malibu Kennel Club, and Kennel Club of Beverly Hills weekend at Fairplex, Pomona
      CTCA Roving Specialty (GWTA morning show): March 3, 2023
      Sweepstakes Judge: Nancy Delyea
      Regular Class Judge: Barbara Kornylo
      CTCSC Specialty #1 (GWTA afternoon show): March 3, 2023
      Regular Class Judge: James Reynolds
      CTCSC Specialty #2 (Kennel Club of Beverly Hills): March 4, 2023
      Sweepstakes Judge: Anne Dove
      Regular Class Judge: Joe Vernuccio
      Other Weekend Shows
      Malibu Kennel Club (CTCSC Supported Entry): March 1, Judge: Connie Clark
      Malibu Kennel Club (CTCSC Supported Entry): March 2, Judge: Steve Keating
      Kennel Club of Beverly Hills (CTCSC Supported Entry): March 5, Judge: Virginia Latham Smith

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